Welcome to 澳洲幸运5:介绍澳洲幸运5彩票游戏,包括规则和玩法。开奖结果直播:提供澳洲幸运5最新的开奖结果直播,保证信息的及时性和准确性。Ammonit

Our measurement systems are designed to calculate energy yield forecasts, to monitor wind and solar power plants and to analyze power curves of wind turbines.

Wind measurements
Solar measurements
AmmonitOR Data Cloud
Data Cloud
Measurements with LiDAR
with LiDAR
Ammonit Wind Tunnel: Uncertainty by 0,05 m/s to 0,083 m/s on wind speed calibrations
New features on AmmonitOR

New features on AmmonitOR

07. July 2023 - A bunch of new features on AmmonitOR
Our new data logger Meteo-42

Our new data logger Meteo-42

07. July 2023 - We've got something new for you: Meteo-42
Solar Monitoring Station EKO MS-90+

Solar Monitoring Station EKO MS-90+

21. March 2023 - EKO MS-90+ combines EKO MS-90 and EKO MS-80S

2024年开奖直播视频计划:分享澳洲幸运5在2024年的开奖直播视频计划,让玩家提前了解开奖时间。官网手机版:介绍澳洲幸运5官方网站的手机版,方便玩家在移动设备上随时随地参与游戏。 Applications & Products

We offer high-quality equipment for wind and solar measurement campaigns worldwide: powerful data loggers, accurate meteorological sensors, verified LiDAR devices and reliable communication and power supply systems.

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